Friday, April 16, 2010

Response to Esperanza's Post: Proactiv

I agree with Esperanza’s view on celebrities endorsing Proactiv. Yes, there are way too many celebrities endorsing and Proactiv, testifying that Proactiv is their only miracle to getting rid of acne problems. The celebrities’ testimonials are hard to believe because they’re all the same. For instance, celebrities usually talk about the difference Proactiv has made in their lives and include a close-up facial photo from before and after the treatment to show how much their skin has cleared up. Not too convincing because, seriously, what happened to their personal dermatologist during this whole time they’re suffering from acne problems? And another one of my question is, don’t these celebrities have access to some of the best dermatologists in the world that would give them more powerful treatments? Yes. So, why are they using Proactiv? Because they are getting paid big money to do so! Right!

In terms of expertise, I don’t believe celebrities endorsing Proactiv have the credibility to do so. I think it will be more appropriate if Proactiv were to have actual dermatologists, not Proactiv ones, endorse the product. Of course this won’t happen because these ‘real-life’ dermatologists are smarter than that. According to, “Proactiv is much more expensive than similar products that use the same active ingredient, benzoyl peroxide.” And because the use of benzoyl peroxide should be increased in dosage after the skin becomes used to the drug, it is likely that Proactiv may become less effective overtime.

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