Monday, May 3, 2010

Response to Louisa's Blog Post!

I enjoyed Louisa’s blog on ‘Real Food vs. Fake Food.’ I agree with her that fresh tomatoes picked right from one’s garden are so much better than canned ones. For the most part, canned tomatoes are artificially ripened before going through the canning process. It’s disappointing to know that even some fresh tomatoes sold at stores are artificially ripened; makes me wonder if stores ever sell anything ‘natural’ anymore. It seems to me that, unless one grows their own fruits and vegetables, it’s almost impossible to eat ‘naturally’ grown produce nowadays (unless you’re better off, in terms of wealth, and can afford organic foods on a daily basis).

What I dislike most about canned tomatoes is like what Louisa said; they’re just “tomatoey blobs” of what some consider “vegetables.” Look-wise, they are also extremely unappealing, as Louisa stated. In terms of taste, canned tomatoes are soggy and watery. They’re not like fresh tomatoes picked from one’s garden, with a firm outer layer and a juicy inner layer with sweet and sour juices. My mom grows her own vegetables and herbs every summer. I love the taste of all her vegetables, especially when the vegetables are just at their peak. Every year, as the tomatoes reach their time to be picked, my family often make a spicy tomato dip with fresh chili peppers and green onions to be dipped with grilled pork or chicken. It’s our family’s favorite spicy paste and we make it multiple times during the summer before my mom’s garden comes to an end as the winter season approaches.

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