Sunday, March 21, 2010

Demo Speech Self Eval

My demonstration speech was on “How to Make Strawberry Short stacks.” College students are busy, so quick and easy dessert recipes are helpful in simplifying our lives. The best part about this recipe is that no baking is needed, which works well because college students don’t have time to ‘cook.’ This recipe is a sweet alternative to making a delicious dessert; simple enough for busy college students to make.

Ingredients required in Strawberry Short stacks are 1 pint of fresh strawberries (rinsed and sliced), 1 can whipped or creamy strawberry frosting, 1 package of poundcake, and 1 container of whipped cream. Start by slicing 3 pieces of cakes from the pound cake horizontally. Then take two of the three pieces of cakes and spread 1 tablespoon of whipped cream on each piece of cake. Add 4-5 pieces of sliced strawberries on top to the two whipped cake pieces. Stack the two cake pieces on top of each other (in layers). Take the third piece of cake and spread 1 tablespoon of strawberry whipped frosting on top. Place the third piece of cake on top of the other two layers. Add 3-4 pieces of sliced strawberries to top layer. Garnish with a whole strawberry or mint leaves to serve.

Overall, I think my presentation went well; I was enthusiastic, the volume of my voice was adequate, my physical demonstration of the preparation steps helped clarify what it was I was talking about, and good eye contact was maintained, switching from audience to preparing my dessert, vice versa. The visual aids I brought also helped my audience understand better the ingredients and steps to preparing Strawberry Short Stacks.

If I was to do this presentation again, I would still pick showing the class how to make Strawberry Short Stacks. Not only did the class enjoy this dessert, but Strawberry Short Stacks is truly an easy alternative to a delicious dessert in minutes! If I was to change one thing about my presentation, though, I would fill in information for one ‘dead time’ slot in my presentation (when I was putting whipped cream on the two cake slices). The dead time there could have been used more effectively. Overall, this presentation went well and the class also seemed to enjoy it.

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