Thursday, March 4, 2010

...Response to Austin Sphon's Blog...

I really enjoyed reading Austin Sphon’s blog on preparing a healthy meal. Not only does his dish sound delicious, but Austin explained his steps to preparing this meal very well. His directions are clear, organized and easy to follow, even for someone that may not have necessarily cooked before. Because eating out can be very costly at times, not mentioning the fact that it’s not always the healthiest option, it’s good to prepare our meals whenever we have the time to do so. What I like best about preparing my own meals is that I know exactly what I’m eating. Unlike eating out where some ingredients are unhealthy or ambiguous, I have a good understanding of what it is I’m consuming; and that’s a good feeling. As agreed by Austin, “after eating this meal I feel content.” It’s a good feeling when we know what we’re eating and when we’re eating right!
Another part of Austin’s blog that I like is the fact that he stressed on “washing your hands after dealing with raw chicken.” I cook a lot myself, too, and it’s always important to make sure that we don’t cause cross contamination when preparing our ingredients. Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing everything after preparing a meal is just important as remembering to check that the stove is off after cooking. Proper sanitation is important because the next person in to use the counterparts in the kitchen you’ve previously used may assume the counters are clean and may place a fruit or open snack on an area where raw meat was previously laid. By keeping dishes and counterparts sanitized after use, we not only protect ourselves, but our family and loved ones from harmful bacteria, which could make us sick. Great blog, Austin, keep up the good work!


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